We offer

We can deliver storage trailers ranging in size from 28 to 53 feet. These secure trailers are great for warehouse overflow, off-site storage, on-site storage, moving and storage, seasonal needs and more!

Need your stuff stored off-site on our lot? Bring your items to our yard or have us deliver an empty trailer and pick it up once it’s loaded to store at our yard. A great solution for families that are moving!

Similar to storage containers, you will enjoy more space than a self-storage unit at a fraction of the cost. A trailer offers better ground separation and compatibility with loading docks, along with the ability to move with large loads over-the-road, when compared to a ground level storage container.

KCV Trailer can provide both Over-The-Road as well as Cartage trailers to be moved with a storage load from point A to point B. A great value and convenient option for those moving or in need of moving product over the road.